About Paper Wing Theatre Co

Mission Statement

Paper Wing Theatre Company provides entertainment where questions of justice, morality, and humanity can be explored. We choose plays that challenge our moral and social consciences, inviting our audiences to be provoked, challenged, and stimulated. We maintain that live theatre is not a provider of answers, but an invitation to query.  Paper Wing Theatre is committed to exploring these questions whether they are found in the classics, contemporary works, or new plays. We are committed to pushing the envelope, pushing boundaries, and sometimes pushing buttons. Paper Wing is proud to be the only independent theatre company in Monterey County!

"I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture." -Sir Laurence Olivier

"Art is meant to disturb" -Georges Braque

About Us

The Paper Wing Theatre Company got its start in Southern California. The name was quite simply created by what we were feeling at the time. We were merely actors with talent - cast into the wind like a paper airplane - never knowing where we would land or how we would land, but always knowing we had to try to fly. We did lots of little projects throughout Southern California.

Paper Wing is unique from a lot of other theatres. With a background in teaching, we tend to cast people who may not have a huge resume, but who have heart and a strong desire that can be guided through the process. Paper Wing consists of many talented and amazing people including: Matt Hanner - Set Design/Building and Stage Manager, Heather Hahn - Web Princess and Chief Administrator, Jay DeVine - Assistant to Heather Hahn and Prop Master, and Ron Moore - Lights and Sound. Their dedication and loyalty to the vision are unwavering and wonderful. The producing co-owners are Koly McBride, and Lloyd Brewer-(Voted in 2005 Monterey County Weekly Best Local Stage Actor).

We're coming to the end of another wonderful year for Paper Wing Theatre Company and we'd like to give thanks for the generosity of our donors. 
  • Matthew Mazzei & Family
  • Suzzette & Gil Perez
  • Yvonne Ajwa
  • The Esslinger Family
  • Monika Davis & RJ Adams
  • The Schaus Family
  • Gabe Medina
  • Allison Smith
  • Rich & Wendy Chase
  • Roo Hornady
  • Natasha King
  • The Uchida Family
  • Brian MacDonald
  • Jim & Holly Howard
  • The Cortes Family
  • The Bright Family
  • The Chen Family
  • Jackson Greer
  • The Gorn Family
  • The Heintzberger Family
  • Jane Roland
  • David C. & Carla T. Garnham
  • Linda Dale & Joe DeNofrio
  • Heather & Kyle Hahn
  • Allen Asten
  • Lady Hull
  • Paulina Gamble
  • Patricia Eggleton
  • Jeff amd Marilyn Riehl
  • David amd Janene Norum
  • Anonymous Donor in Honor of all Aspiring Artists
  • Mike and Angela Grattan