Big Baby

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Paper Wing Theatre Company Proudly Presents:

"Big Baby"by Joe Keyes

When: March 8 thru March 30

Tickets: 20.00 General Admission 17.00 Seniors, Students, and Military

Call 831-905-5684


"Big Baby" is a seriocomedy about a crazy Catholic mother living with her disturbed middle aged son who falls for the dominatrix next door and all hell breaks loose. Written by Joe Keyes, the author of the critically-acclaimed Pete's Garage and co-author of the holiday romp Bob's Holiday Office Party.The play unfurls in a cramped Midwestern apartment shared by Kile (Scott) and his diminutive,gray-haired mother, June (Linda Dale).  Mom is a staunch, churchgoing Catholic who endured an abusive marriage, and constantly fawns over and coddles her grown son. Kile is a scary bundle of pent-up energy and frustration who paces like a caged animal, stays medicated on a bevy of drugs, and frequently gets physical or argues vociferously over the merest trifle. Kile's state of perpetual loneliness is unexpectedly transformed when, in a fit of rage, he hurls a broom out of the door and accidentally bloodies the nose of his new neighbor, Nancy (Valerie Tibbets). As it turns out, she's got her own emotional baggage, but things really turn funny — and kinky — when Kile discovers that she's a hard-working dominatrix.

Critics Say:

"Witty writing... with plenty of laughs!" - LA Weekly

"An audaciously original playwright, Keyes whips up a caustic mixture of hate, love, endurance and need as morbidly funny as it is believable." - Los Angeles Times

"This is one of those comedies that takes a rather serious matter (elderly mother taking care of a mentally ill middle-aged son), and creates a situation that is rip-roarin' wacky!" - Live Offline


Scott Ronco

Linda Dale

Valerie Tibbets