Mr. Bruce, do you Swear?

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Paper Wing Theatre Presents:
An original play by Rob Foster
"Mr. Bruce, Do You Swear?"
Lenny Bruce, the most important stand-up
comedian of the 20th century, gets one more chance to defend his life on the
witness stand. And you are the jury. Bruce's struggle for his right to speak his
mind on stage brought about an evolution in stand-up comedy and transformed the
way we interpret our freedoms under the First Amendment of the Constitution.
Every American should know his story. "Mr. Bruce, Do You Swear?" is an original
play written by Rob Foster, that brings Bruce and the legal battle he waged back
to life, recreating some of his legendary, status-quo threatening comedy along
the way! Sit back and prepare to have your eyes opened and your mind blown by
the tumultuous life of one of American culture's true originals... ya
May 17 through June 8, Fridays and Saturdays
at 8PM
in the intimate Gallerie Theatre
20.00 General Admission, 17.00 Seniors,
Students, and Military
Advance tickets recommended
More Info: 831-905-5684

Jody Gilmore as Lenny Bruce
Jay DeVine as Nat Hentoff