About Us

Learn about Paper Wing’s history and other important information.


The Paper Wing Theatre Company got its start in Southern California. The name was quite simply created by what we were feeling at the time. We were merely actors with talent, cast into the wind like a paper airplane never knowing where we would land or how we would land, but always knowing we had to try to fly. We did lots of little projects throughout Southern California.

Paper Wing Theatre is Monterey County’s only independently owned and operated performance company. With a background in teaching, our mission is to cast and employ artists who may not have a chance to perform or create elsewhere, or who do not have a large resume. Those we seek have strong hearts and a burning desire for storytelling and the art of performance. We strive to make theatre accessible to all, breaking down barriers of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and financial hardship. We are “theatre for everyone”.


Our performance venue is located at:
320 Hoffman Ave
off of Lighthouse in New Monterey, above Cat’s Meow and The Bulldog British Pub
for ADA Accessibility or to request an ASL interpreted performance please contact us at