“Thanks for the art, old girl.” Take a farewell tour of our 320 Hoffman location with our CEO.

Our space at 320 Hoffman was sold in late October 2019 and is being redeveloped. While we are sad to go, and a little sad that the space will never again be a theater after its 30+ year history as a performance space, we are extraordinarily grateful for the patrons, actors, musicians, crew, volunteers and community who have supported our 13 year run at the Hoffman location.

See our plans for our new location at 711 Cannery Row here!

As we move out of our space at 320 Hoffman and into our beautiful new space at 711 Cannery Row, we are in need of continuous donations to sustain us through this change. Every dollar you donate to us goes right back into our theater and ‘Dinner and a Show…To Go!’ project. Your generous donation also helps any actors or crew of Paper Wing Theatre who might find themselves needing a little extra something to get through the month. To date, we have helped five actors and crew members with your donations and we have been able to move forward as a theater company towards completing our goals.

We know we are moving through uncertain times but we know for sure that live Theater Arts will return and the show will go on! Your donation and support help us navigate this unfamiliar time where we cannot perform traditional shows. Please help if you can by clicking the link below to donate!