Star Wars A Parody! Burlesque: The Empire Strokes Back

A long time ago in a fantasy far, far away…

Come and join Paper Wing Theatre as we present the 2nd installment to our epic Burlesque series, “The Empire Strokes Back”!! This production is sure to tickle your fancy, stroke your funny bone, and make you Return for our Jedis again and again.
Live Band. Classic burlesque stunts. Siren singing. Scintillating choreography.
Can Luke Thighstalker, Han Swolo and Princess Lay-ya Orgasma save the galaxy from the outstretched hand of the Emperor before it’s too late? Will Luke’s body bend to the force? Will Han and Lay-ya finally stfu and kiss already?
Come and see, but watch out for Booty Hunters.

April 25-May 4th

Thu/Fri/Sat @ 8pm 

Special Midnight performance evening of May the 4th (be with you)
General Admission $27