The Rocky Horror Show 2019


Monterey’s most beloved theatrical experience is here once more!
Join us once again in our 12th year of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW!!
We’ve got some serious surprises in store for our audience in 2019!
Live Dj mixing for Sunday night performances.

Join us in Frank N Furter’s “Zen Room” pre show and during intermission for a special treat!

Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Check out the casting for our 4 separate casts!!

Frank- Stephan Sams
Brad -Jay Brew
Janet- Alyssa Matthews
Rocky- Jesus Mendez
Riff-Raff- Justin Azevedo
Magenta- Jourdain Barton
Columbia- Taylor Noel Young
Dr. Scott/Eddie- Randy Pires
Crim- Ryan Crane
Trixie- Erin Davison
Ensemble: Miranda Tellez, Kelsey Posey, Suzy Nichols, Cody Moore, Nick Kelley, Nick Caruso
Frank- Stephan Sams
Brad – Nick Caruso
Janet- Mirada Tellez
Rocky- Kage O'Malley
Riff-Raff- Lj Brewer
Magenta-  Koly McBride
Columbia- Suzy Nichols
Dr. Scott/Eddie- Nick Kelley
Crim- Eduard Couttolenc
Trixie- Shannon Davison
Ensemble: Carmen Urciuoli, Emilio Sapien, Rachel Marie, Cody Moore, Jesus Mendez, Taylor Noel Young/Alyssa Matthews
Frank- Stephan Sams
Brad – Nick Caruso
Janet- Kayla Reay
Rocky- Eliott Bradley IV
Riff-Raff- Cody Moore
Magenta- Miranda Pehrson
Columbia- Carmen Urciuoli
Dr. Scott/Eddie- Emilio Sapien
Crim- Shane M. Dallmann
Trixie- Theresa Cerros
Ensemble: Miranda Tellez, Kelsey Posey, Rachel Marie, Justin Azevedo, Nick Kelley, Alyssa Matthews
(All new gender fluid casting performance on Sunday nights at 7:30.)
Frank- Erin Davison
Brad - Kelsey E Posey
Janet- Kayla Reay
Rocky- Theresa Cerros
Riff-Raff- Rachel Marie
Magenta- Eliott Bradley IV
Columbia- Nicholas Kelley
Dr. Scott/Eddie- Alyssa Matthews
Crim- Lucy Tran
Trixie- Jay Brew
Ensemble: Carmen Urciuoli, Emilio Sapien, Suzy Nichols, Justin Azevedo, Jesus Mendez, Taylor Noel Young


(All images of past performances, we wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you!!)

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